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Summer Sizzle

Finale Winners

Week 1 Winners

Winners on July 7 were 1st place Tyler Clements, 2nd Krissy Darby, 3rd Dorothy Wethington.

Week 2 Winners

Winners on July 14 were 1st place Meghan Beal, 2nd place Tiffini Beal and 3rd place Bob Henson.

Winners week 3

Winners on July 21 were 1st place Clay Cheatham, 2nd Kim Penix, 3rd Place duet of Tyler Clements and Dorothy Wethington.

Winners on July 28 were 1st place Aash Deacon, 2nd David Clark, 3rd Place Nicole Wolford.


Heather Highley

Heather Highley 1st

Winners on August 11 were 1st place Willie Clark, 2nd place Jennifer Johnson, 3rd place Tom Baker.

Winners on August 18 were 1st place Heather Highley, 2nd Jennifer Johnson, 3rd Jay Manuel.

Jennifer Johnson

Alysson Faulconer 2nd

Alysson Faulconer 2nd

Winners on August 25 were 1st place Ricky Catching, 2nd Lisa Lamb, 3rd Janet Egner.

Winners on September 1, 2018 were 1st Tara Welch, 2nd Rose Welch, 3rd Bruce Rigsby, and Golden Buzzer winner, Jayden Hrapek.

Samantha Wellsman 3rd

Samantha Wellsman 3rd




Winners from the Stanford event on September 7, 2018 contest were
1st Ricky Simmerman, 2nd Kenneth Morgan, 3rd Danielle Smith and Golden Buzzer David Reick, selected by the audience.  Winners from the Leo's event in Lancaster were 1st place Alysson Faulconer, 2nd place Dorothy Wethington, 3rd place Casey "Toast" Underwood and Golden Buzzer For Best crowd response Zari Ramirez.
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