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Ring with 2 Custom Faceted Gemstones Creating your Personalized Ring

Ring with 2 Custom Faceted Gemstones Creating your Personalized Ring

This is how I begin crafting your ring. Together we find the right color and type of gold or silver metal mounting from 1000s of selections. There are so many rings, pendants, earrings and other special occasion jewelry to choose. Almost anything you see in quality jewelry stores I can supply. So, go find it and let’s compare my pricing. I can make it for less money since I don’t maintain a large jewelry store.

I can supply quality graded diamonds to accent any mounting designed for accents. It may cost a little more to have me design and cut a special gemstone but not much more as it depends on the cost of purchasing the rough stone to cut. I can get the same gemstones you see in the higher value jewelry stores but for less. Any gemstone set in jewelry or listed on my site is always faceted by me in my shop.

Natural rough rock in Sapphire and Tourmaline (I have some) can be expensive but it will have a much higher value if you wish to have it faceted by me. Sometimes certain gemstones are expensive but you can substitute a material made of the same mineral as natural rough (sometimes referred to as GENUINE) or some really pretty simulant gemstone material.

I am not a repair shop although all my gemstone setting, adjusting is performed by me. Also, if you chip one of my custom cut gemstones I will evaluate it to be repaired. If it can be recut I should be able to make your ring whole again for a nominal cost of less than $100. I can look at vintage rings to see if the gemstone can be recut if scratched, chipped or broken (if the jewelry is valuable).

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