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African Sapphire, Diamonds, White Gold Ring

African Sapphire, Diamonds, White Gold Ring $650

African Blue Sapphire Ring (un-heated or treated) that I got in rough rock. I faceted this sapphire in a round brilliant gemstone to accentuate the colors in the stone. It is a 10x clean gemstone with no flaws that I can see using a loupe (a small magnification device jewelers use.) There is a slight mix of green which is hard to see

in this gemstone but that's a clue for it being "all natural".

There are 22 Diamonds set in prongs along the band which is the strongest method for these diamonds. They are G-H color (near colorless) and SII (super white) quality. Some people will want to refer to accent Diamonds as "chips" but these are faceted and good quality, not the quality I often see in cheaper melee set diamond rings.
Consider this as an engagement ring ,or for your birthstone or everyday ring.
Priced at $650.00

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