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Morgan Hill Poppy Sterling Silver Ring

Morgan Hill Poppy Sterling Silver Ring *Weight 5.4 grams* $90

This is a beautiful Oval Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper with some interesting patterns and colors! The colors are red, yellow and a reddish brown web. The ring and gemstone weigh 5.4 grams and is coated with a special ceramic plating to ensure it will not tarnish. The ring mounting is made of 100% Sterling Silver and has a thick shank and very strong setting.

Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper is a famous material with rare orbicular jasper with red and yellow dots of the "poppy flowers". It is brecciated jasper, meaning it probably came from sun-dried and oxidized iron-rich clay. The cracks were filled in by other substances.
Jasper is from the chalcedony/quartz group. It is a microcrystalline variety of quartz that contains up to 20% foreign material. These materials are what determine the color and appearance of the stone. Also because of the foreign materials, jasper is rarely uniform in color and is usually multicolored, striped, and/or spotted.
Priced at $90.00

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