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Maw Sti Sti Vietnam Sterling Silver Ring

Maw Sti Sti Vietnam Sterling Silver Ring $96

MAW STI STI ("green from outer space" since it was first found in meteorites). Look anywhere and you will not find rough this bright and clean. I got this in Vietnam and kept it for years before I cut some. It is the very best. You don't find much Maw Sti Sti of this quality.  It is 14 x 10mm with a high polish. Hardness ranges from 6-7 depending on mineral content.


This gemstone is set in sterling silver with a really nice bright silver polish. I virtually eliminate the cause for tarnish on silver by using my electro plate clear ceramic solution. It has held up for years on my rings and the only time I had to plate again was for a heavily nicked ring shank (a deep scratch into the metal). Normal wear lasts for years.
Priced at $96.00

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