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Chrysocolla Shattuckite Sterling Silver Pendant

Chrysocolla Shattuckite Sterling Silver Pendant $60.00

Strong blue Shattuckite and greenish coloring from Chrysocolla with a brown matrix.  I love these blue, green with the matrix combinations of minerals. I have acquired a good amount for future jewelry in this material. This is a natural material from Arizona. This gemstone is 18x13 mm large and is made to dangle from your chain. It weighs 3.2 grams

in total weight and is coated with a special ceramic plating to ensure it will not tarnish. The pendant mounting

is made of 100% Sterling Silver and is very strong for long wear.
I modified my temperature setting during the electro plating process so it causes the silver to have a 10K gold appearance. Having said that I experimented plating the back in "blue" to give it a unique design. KY Blue.

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