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Past Acomplishments


Mission Statement

Garrard County Arts Council is a non-profit organization, working to advance and enhance the awareness and education of the citizens of Garrard County, in order to stimulate the exchange of information, interest, and understanding of the performing, visual and literary arts, including cultural heritage.

Our Goals

  • Establish a formal organization to be known as Garrard County Arts Council, which will become eligible for Kentucky Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts grants, as well as, becoming recognized as a viable member of the Arts Community in the state.

  • Establish and maintain a secure financial foundation by diverse streams of revenue such as membership fees, grants, exhibits, performances, sponsorships and donations.

  • Support local artists and arts organizations by creating and maintaining opportunities for exhibits of regional artists, supporting the Grand Theatre and helping it to become a part of the cultural fabric of the community and collaborate with established organizations for arts and community events.

  • Create programs that augment the Arts Education programs in the public schools and arts education for children in general by providing opportunities for arts camps and workshops assisting in schools existing arts programs, developing mentorships where young student artists can work with practicing adult artists in their studios or in the classroom.

  • Develop partnerships with community and regional arts, tourism and heritage organizations to provide arts rich programming and establish a viable cultural community.

  • Create an awareness of the Council and its role of increasing the cultural life in the county through various means of communication, such as creating an informational brochure, creating a display board, posting events on the Community Calendar and setting up informational booths at various events.

  • Create a networking system that will technically and physically link artists to other artists and artists to community.

Board Members

President . Jean Turner

Vice President . Peggy Gaffney

Secretary . Alisa Vogt

Treasurer . Stacy May

Arts Director . Bobbie Gayle Lewis

Membership/Sponsorship. Carmen Logan

Communications. Mary Kuster

Photographer/PR Buddy Dobbins


The Garrard County Art Council
is a proud member of the
Garrard County Chamber of Commerce.

Garrard County Chamber of Commerce


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